Savannah Hilton Head Tybee Fly and light Tackle fishing

Good gosh it’s been hot but the water provide some relief, especially when the fish are chewing.  There has been a great triple tail bite going on around the Hell’s Gate area,  just hit all the range markers and channel markers using bait or artificials. The reds are biting good on all tides but the early morning bite seems to be the best before the heat sets in.  Been on some big tarpon as well,  getting the bite has proven to be the tough part.  That fish will drive you nuts!  Jacks are showing themselves here and there, but it seem you have to be at the right place at the right time.

Savannah Hilton head and Beaufort, Fly And Light tackle

With summer here there are so many different fish to chase around.  Spanish, Reds ,jacks, and good size lady fish  make good fun on light and spin tackle.   MAkes me wonder how so many guides in the area can go to the same spot everyday and continue to beat up beat up reds. And the kicker here is after they have limited out so many times they wonder what happened to all the fish. Bait fisherman leave me puzzled.  Yesterday after a long look for some poon we came across a large school of big lady fish.  many of these fish were in the 3-5lbs range.  On 7 wt rods and poppers,  every cast brought many attacks on our poppers!  The tailing action in the warsaw sound area really popped off the night before last with plenty of fish ,  at a not so secret spot.  These fish have been pounded more than any group of reds in the world so go slow and they will eat.  I like a challenge while red fishin and these guys can leave you pulling your hair out one day and wanting to hug your angler the next.  Good luck out there and remember don’t be a camper,  move around a bit, don’t pound fish into submission, take a chance every now and then and it will pay off.