On my way to Cane Patch and what did I find?

Well the poon have showed up in good numbers but some days ya just can’t get an eat. When that happens it’s nice to stumble into a big school of 30lbs jacks. Than you can always go back to Poon.  It has really been tough to even go after reds with all the big fish in the area.  By now everyone knows how great the red fishing is at cane patch,  behind Ossabaw.  On my way there I found a huge school of jacks willing to bust some flies.  PLenty of folks think you can only fish the patch wit a yack,  any flats boat  will do, there are plenty of fish in the 1-2ft water depth. Don’t forget the first week of Nov is the best for the patch, but we had some great days there this summer.

Hilton Head inshore fishing, Savannah Inshore fishing

We have some real nice schools of reds around and they are willing to take  flys and jerk baits tossed on spinning gear.   I have  a great deal going out for the month of April,  gas is stretching everyone kinda thin, so I’m going to offer $250 trips on Monday, Tuesday, .  This is $100 off the regular rate..  For all new bookings the month of April, This is for spin,  fishing fly fishing  Savannah, Hilton Head , Beaufort. ..  COME FISH THE MONTH OF APRIL, MON, TUE, FOR $250!!   Cobia are showing up offshore and there should be some filling in inshore any minute!!