Fly fishing Savannah,South Carolina

The reds have been chewing really good as of late at places like little Tybee and turtle island. Whether your wanting the fish tailing in the marsh or loe=w tide both areas have been doing well. Little Tybee is not only comprised of the south slew the middle one has a good number of fish as well with plenty of tailing opportunities. To the guy who thought he was going to bird dog me last night, C’mon man ! I keep my eye out for people like you, hope you enjoyed watching me do that 360 only to follow you LOL ! does anyone remember when guides spent a good part of their lives on the water they fish. Not these new jacks that grow a beard get a license and try and figure out where your fishing. Getting boats stuck in the marsh and having to leave it there. It’s somewhat comical and Sadat the same time. They don’t have anything wired yet they charge the going rate for their lack of experience. That was my rant and rave for the day.