Fly fishing for reds in Georgia and South Carolina. Light tackle also

bob 2016 3
we had a double until Bob decided to let his go before it got to the boat
Chris Webbers runaway shrimp busted lips all day

Bob Vought having some fun on his day off

The weather man was off once again yesterday, 5-10 mph my butt.  More like 15 – 20,  no worries Bob made it happen. I think we finished off the day with 8 fish, not counting all the ones Bob ldr’d. (long distant release)     The fish are in some huge schools and you want to get on numbers of fish on fly or light tackle now is the time !!  This time of the year we are having way too much fun fly fishing for reds in Georgia and South Carolina.

Fishing Savannah

Jim Mercer pulling in one

Riding high

 This winter has been interesting the say the least.  With unrelenting storm after storm, cold temps and wind that makes you want to buy a kite board instead of fishing.    Now when the sun has come out ,and the winds lay a bit, all I can say WOW !  Super lear water and some beautiful schools of reds moving across the flats.  We had come Jim Mercer and I had come across a red of monstrous proportions for inshore.  This fish had to be in the 20 lbs range and swimming around with his little buddies in the 4-7 lbs range.  We didn’t get a god shot at this bruiser, but what a sight to see the fish just cruise off.  He didn’t really spook just knew we were in his neighborhood and slowly slid off.