Fishing Savannah


you know you have had a good day when you have to clean these guys out of the boat


With this lil warmup we have had I noticed some small white shrimp in and the reds in the shallows have been busting them up.  It must be a very welcomed site for the reds when the bait is showing itself again, after such a long cold winter they have been coming out of their scales trying to eat these lil morsels.  We have had a bit of a trout kill this winter, I have seen 3 dead trout floating, I can only hope and pray that it’s not as bad as some other winters when the cold killed them.  That being said anyone catchin some of the larger trout this spring may want to practice a bit of catch and release to ensure a faster rebound.


Fishing Savannah

fishing savannah


Nick with a good’n

So nice to have some good weather for a change and the fish seem to be just as happy.  Joey Woodworth and I headed  out for a afternoon low tide, and Mr Woodworth decided to wait till the bottom of the ninth to bust a nice one on the fly.  Joey has been a fresh water fly fisherman is whole life and the trout set was a bit ingrained in his brain.  No worries, I had one more school of fish that does not get too beat up, but it was a ride and the sun was falling fast.  About the time I puled up the sun was on the horizon, the bugs were biting and the fish were slurping li bait fish off the surface. Bam ! fish on !  I have to say I have never seen anyone so intent on keeping the rod down.