The good the bad and the Ugly

Posted by on May 20, 2011 at 05:51 am

Buff Baby, I can even jump a fence in a single bound

As the title says we have had some up and downs.  We had some great tailing action with the reds last week, with big tides in the morning and evening, and some low tide fishing mid day.  This meant some sore lips out there for the fish.  Cobia have been a bit slower for me with the big tides and high winds, I don’t know how well the bait soakers have been doing.  Seem as though the offshore cobia fishing is way hotter than the Broad, with certain offshore reefs outproducing others.  Some new reports out on eating cobia!!  High mercury deposits are making this fish one to watch.  The local news and the Island Packet have had some interesting stories concerning this.  Most interviews with the locals say they will not stop eating them and selling them to restaurants.  Brilliant!!  I have heard they may be changing the creel limits in South Carolina for reds,  This will be sad to see,  South Carolina has put itself up there with Louisiana, and now they want to bring it down, we need to stop this!  On a lighter note Salt Life stickers still suck, Guys wearing Jersey’s that match the wrap on their boat are uh hmmm, and yesterday was a classic, I saw one of our illustrious bait guides on one of the most beat up flats around in a big bay boat with what looked like 5 guys and 2-3 of them casting flies the whole time, looked like a big mess!

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