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Fly fishing Hilton Head, Savannah and Beaufort.

Posted by on October 15, 2016 at 05:09 am


Chris Webbers Crab patterns rock ! Available at Rivers and Glenn Fly shop in Downtown Savannah

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I sure am glad we are back and running here on the Island.  No power for 5 days, but after the storm passed and I was able to step out I didn’t think we would ever have power.  Thanks to all who got out there and cleared the roads and worked 24/7 to restore us to our normal lives. The pics above are pre Hurricane Mathew, I will post some post Mathew pics once I get my yard cleaned up.

Fly and Light Tackle fishing, Savannah, Hilton Head and Beaufort

Posted by on May 2, 2016 at 04:58 am

George with a nice second red on fly

George with a nice second red on fly


George B. with a nice first red on fly

George B. with a nice first red on fly


New critters are starting to show up along the coast, Cobia are moving in the area with a few being caught last week on fly.  The season in South Carolina is closed, but you can still go harass them and let’m go.  This is going to reduce boat traffic tremendously and hopefully provide us with more fish cruising the surface.  I will be looking for them this week , and would love to see one inhale a customers fly.  Please no clouds !  George Brownie and I headed out chasing some reds the other day and found some fish willing to take some feathers, but many fish were a bit funny acting.  All in all it was good day, pesky clouds were killing us at times then the wind decided to visit.

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