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 This was from Humberto this fall. ( if that was the name.)Didn’t look that big standing on the beach but it grew a bit as ya paddled. Not huge but fon chest to head sets and not a soul out for miles w1been a while since I posted some surf pics, Been so busy fishing and fixing houses overtime there has been some surf I have to work.  Finally caught some fun waist to chest high surf at a new location.  These pics were taken with my larger zoom lens and zoomed in on the computer.  The walk was far enough I didn’t feel like carrying the camera box.  Nice lil barrels coming to be had.       a 2016This little swell showed up unexpectedly last week. Went for a boat ride and ended up surfing fun waist high waves.  Need more now !!               b2Excellent condition Cheese Stick by Al Merrick  6’2″  for sale  $400 obo  call 912 308 3700

Need to sell this board, $350.




Jaq 1The Atlantic hurricane season may have started slow but what a fast action packed ending.  Now the season doesn’t end till Nov 1 .  We have another storm approaching and many more waves to surf.  Here are couple of shots from hurricane shenaynay, or what ever her name was.  I’ll call her pumping !!  Me and one other guy all day long surf.  It’s nice when you bring the crowd with you in the boatJaq 2 jaq 4 jaq 5 Jaq 6 jaq 7 jaq 10 jaq 12 jaq 13 jaq 14 jaq 15 jaq 16






It’s official,  I’m surfed out.   This week has been sick with waves.  Sorry no pics I have been surfing some new breaks and haven’t been able to get the camera to the beach.  I need a good water tight bag . More waves to come !!!!!!!!erica 1 Erica may have fallen apart, but the swell hung in there for us.  Head high and no one out.  Started out cloudy and stormy looking then the sun popped out and wow did the surf get good !erica 6 erica 7

Surfing Tybee Island Georgia

surf lessons Tybee Island surfing Tybee island DSC_0142

Found this wave yesterday,  This was sick !!!!  perfect left reeling for 150 yards easy.  I had a fun solo session, and no one for miles and miles and miles.  After each wave I caught I was exhausted, looking back out and realizing how far I had to paddle back outside.  Well worth the effort.   If you had blind folded me and put me out there I would have sworn I was in Indo.  This wave is the real deal !  I only had the time for a couple of pics before I freaked out and had to catch a bunch.  I would say these shots are about rib high sets were in the head high range.  What a perfect wave, and had it all to myself !  Anyone interested in catching this spot give me a call.

Surf Lessons available as well!!            Surfing Tybee      Surf lessons Tybee Island

Surfing tybee

surfing Tybee islandsurfing Tybee arthur off the top i-CQ54Znd-M i-wtJdptp-M i-G3Dr2sL-Mi-t9vCHX3-Li-FWg7ftV-Mi-CPPtb4S-M


Hurricane Bertha, chest high plus clean and fun. Took the shot after the wind came up Get tired fast surfing solo

Hurricane Arthur didn’t disappoint us at all.  Headed to another one of my lil secret spots with Timmy Saunders and Trip Wolfe.  This wave is the bomb !  early in the incoming tide one bar was very much like a point wave, but as the tide came in we moved a bit further south and surfed a wedge of a beach break.  Barrels right and left.  After 5 hour surf session we were so toast,  I was so glad the surf was small the following day.  I couldn’t  do another session like that again.

photo 5

Hurricane arthur going off, never saw another person all day

right pitchtimsurf 1surfing georgia jan 2013 3jan 2013 4 jan 2013 5 jan 2013 6 jan 2013 7 jan 20132014 has started with a bang !  Great swell hit on Sunday with head high plus conditions and offshore winds. Couldn’t find anyone up for the boat ride so a solo trip was in order.  Nothing better than having a entire beach and good swell to yourself and MARY LEE !  Looks as though we are on for another swell later in the week. w1 w2 w3 w4few shots of swell gone by   NO CROWDS !!!!!

right dec Fun little swell came thru yesterdsay,  after such a lack luster hurricane season we all are hungry.  Water temps have bounced back up as well.  I didn’t put the boat in and make the long run due to thick fog and not so offshore winds that would have made it  long and bumpy .  Hope fully the next swell we can make some runs

peak dec


lefts just reeling

lefts just reeling


yet another undiscovered beach break

peakyst cats 2014

Long Hollow Lefts Nov th

Long Hollow Lefts Nov th

DSC_0027 DSC_0028south swell 2 south swell 3 south swell  I have guided the coast of Georgia for almost 20 years and have found some great surf along the way.  Coming from Cape Hatteras N.C. I was so so about the surf here but the fishery was insane !! After buying a boat and guiding I  found some incredible waves from punchy beach breaks to point like sand bars and the best of it all no one out.  When I say no one, you can’t even find a person on the beach ! Can’t say the coast of Georgia is the mecca for surfing but if you like uncrowded surf from waist to a foot over head, beach breaks, some point like sand bars and offshore bars that will make you wonder why your four miles off the coast dropping into some bombs this may be a place for you.  Did I mention no crowds !!! not even people on the beach.  You, your friends and some seriously fun surf.  Georgia gets surf year round but can be a fickle and when booking we take this into consideration.  Watching the swell, winds and tide are crucial.  I would suggest trying to book a week out and if the swell doesn’t come to we can either cancel or go fishing. hurricane leslie 3 hurricane leslie 2012 hurricane leslie2 hurricane leslie5 hurricane leslie6


Depending on where we want to go we can discuss rates do to some of the longer boat rides to certain breaks.

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