Excercising the critters

Posted by on December 29, 2009 at 07:01 am

The winds seem to have been the biggest problem for the month of Dec. That being said we have been managing some good days and have had some tough ones.  One tough day ended with one red on the fly,  not a fun north wind, so I told my guy this grass bed ahead sometimes can hold a good number of specks.  Off to the races! we caught trout after trout for 4 hours using white doa shrimps.  I have found a few stripers since last time I posted but not enough to say it’s on. As a matter of  fact I would say our striper fishery officially sucks this year as well as the past few years.  When the winds and tide are good the sight casting to the reds has been good.  Clear water this time of year really makes it a great time for stalking these fish.trouttonnerdennisdennis2

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