Fly fishing Hilton Head, Savannah and Beaufort Light table as well

felton getting it done with a topwater fly,nothing better than a gurgles in the grass
Chris Webbers crab pattern and Felton putting the fly on the plate, deadly


I sure do love this time of year, it may have the least amount of boats running around,and fish are chewing.  There has been tarpon on the beach  and creeks at Lil Tybee and reds at all your favorite places.  If you can’t fish the beach at Lil Tybee make sure to look at all the creeks on the inside and silver awaits.  Remember when fly fishing guide for Hilton Head, Savannah or Beaufort no one will work harder or longer

Having a bit of fun with the critters

Darren with a nice red taken under his feet on fly
Jay making it happen
Jim and I worked to find them, but when we did O boy! did we


Redfish are still the go to, but things are changing,  Jacks and poon should be showing themselves.  I love this time of the year when other fish are on the move, it’s nice to take a break from reds.  Whether you want to Fly fish Hilton Head, or Savannah no one has done it longer. Don’t over pay for a short trip.