Fly fishing Hilton Head, Savannah and Beaufort.

Chris Webbers Crab patterns rock ! Available at Rivers and Glenn Fly shop in Downtown Savannah

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I sure am glad we are back and running here on the Island. ¬†No power for 5 days, but after the storm passed and I was able to step out I didn’t think we would ever have power. ¬†Thanks to all who got out there and cleared the roads and worked 24/7 to restore us to our normal lives. The pics above are pre Hurricane Mathew, I will post some post Mathew pics once I get my yard cleaned up.

Please call 912 308 3700

thanks to hurricane Mathew I have no way to return e mails. Please call 912 308 3700. Went out last night to see what the reds were up to, and watched a good number of them tailing. Always nice to see