Fly Fishing Hilton Head and Savannah

fly fishing hilton head
Butch Johnson getting it done in the marsh

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We’ve been having some fun playing with the reds in the grass.  What a great time of the year to fish.  Anyone interested in spin fishing I have some really cool areas that are tailored made for light tackle, ya can fly fish this area , but it’s technical casting.  This area is untouched and really alive with fish and wildlife.

Fly fishing Hilton Head and Savannah

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Here are a couple post Hurricane Mathew,  the fish seemed a bit grumpy, but if you had the cast where it needed to be they would eat.  Seems as though they are starting to settle back down.  Hopefully the ocean lay down and maybe get some alibi fishing in.  Who knows ?  The clean up continues, and let’s all pray we don’t have another storm that rocks our world.