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Fish are Chewing !! call now 912 308 3700 light tackle also available

Posted by on November 14, 2015 at 08:11 am

fly fishing hilton head

Paul Rankin with of of many

fly fishing hilton head

Long time customer Paul Rankin and I headed out the other day for some fun with the critters.  We were not disappointed finding many reds willing to pounce on Chris Webbers bunny strip fly.  It’s funny how once you get confidence in a fly, that’s the one !  The cooler weather has really put the fish into a feeding frenzy.  Whether your into fly fishing or spinning tackle the fish are willing to cooperate.  At low water we have had nice schools of fish cruising crushing any bait that gets in it’s way.  When the winds are light they are tailing real nice on the low tide looking for shrimp.  Poppers have been crushing on those days.  I have been wanting to get and chase allies but the winds have not been too favorable to run the ocean much so far this fall.  Maybe things will calm a bit out there and we can have some fun with those speedsters.


fly fishing hilton head

fly fishing for reds in hilton head

Fly Fishing Hilton Head, Savannah and Tybee Island, light tackle as well call 912 308 3700

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fly fishing for reds hilton headhilton head fly fishing


fly fishing for reds in south carolina

Rodney and Bob came down for a couple of days of fishing and the fishing was silly !!!Both mornings started off a bit sluggish due to the fog, but as the fog lifted the turned on in a major way. The first day I truly lost count on how many fish we caught.  At one point Bob had caught a fish and I got down to release the fish and Rodney had jumped up on the bow and before I could even get back on the poling platform he had already nailed one by the boat.  When I say by the boat maybe a couple of  feet !  Would have taken many more pics, but they all were about the same size and it’s better to catch than take pics.  It sure was nice to have such a good day with customers that have fished me for so many years.

fly fishing hilton head


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