fly fishing Hilton Head and Savannah, Light tackle also available

Felton busting some lips at Boom, bang, pow's

Felton busting some lips at Boom, bang, pows

hilton head fly fishing

Is there anything better than pulling up on a flat and watching reds tailing and rolling around in 4 ” of water, O yeah and them pounding the Chris Webber bunny fly you tied on for your client.  Well that’s exactly what happened yesterday, while fly fishing hilton head. I must say that never gets old !!  You know when your on a good flat that hasn’t been beat up.  The key to a good day fly fishing is just don’t fish for reds where bait fisherman fish.  It’s amazing the difference in fish behavior.

Hilton Head fly fishing, Savannah fly fishing

fly fishing hilton head hilton head fly fishing Fly Fishing hilton Headhilton head fly fishing

What a funny fall it has been.  Temps have been mild for the most part, with some rather blustery days to say the least.  Not a problem.  The fish are wanting to get their feed on with the winter coming and the bait getting thinner.  Over the past month we have had some insane days whether fly fishing Hilton head or fly fishing in the Savannah area.  I have been having the itch as of late to go out and hit some dock lights for some trout on the fly.  This used to be such a fun way to spend a night, but I guess I got old fast and seems as though going to bed early is the norm for me.  Now that it gets dark early, this is done much easier.  A 6 or 7wt rod and a small clouser or popper and one can have all the fun one needs.  Last winter we actually had some stripers under a couple of lights. Some going around 15-20lbs.  Looks as though our next front is going to give us another 5 days of North East winds eliminating the ocean and chasing albies.  I think I’m over the N.E.winds !!!