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fly fishing hilton head, savannah and beaufort call 912 308 3700

Posted by on October 31, 2015 at 15:53 pm

hilton head fly fishing fly fishing for reds


I’m slipping in a few pics of this past summers tarpon season.  Here are a couple jumps of a humbled tarpon on flyhilton head fly fishing p6


I had been watching this spot for some time, and it was a bit of a run, but paid off continuously this summer.  Alex jumping 3 and landing 2,  5 hook ups for the morning.  Sickness !

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Summer fun

Posted by on October 29, 2015 at 06:35 am

I  came across these pics of triple tail that never made the page. If your looking for triple tail anytime your fly fishing for reds you will be surprised how many you can see.

fly fishing for reds

Chris Webber electric chicken fly gets them every time

fly fishing for reds in South Carolina and Georgia

closer look at Chris Webbers electric chicken

fly fishing for reds

Steve L. had a great day on the triple tail catching 5 on the fly

Paul Rankin tied into about a 140lbs of pissed silver on fly

Paul Rankin tied into about a 140lbs of pissed silver on fly

paul poon 20150

I have a bunch more poon pics from this past summer, I just need to doctor them up so certain individuals will not know where the heck I’m fishing.  It’s sad that some folks will not go out and look for fish, al they want to do is go where you catch them.  While I was learning the game finding new places and figuring out the fish was part of the fun.  Nowadays ,I guess due to laziness, they just want to know where you are and go there

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