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Wow it seems I haven’t posted any thing for years !  We have had such a mild winter with good fishing until Feb came upon us with what one might say some cold as sh$% weather.  Seems like every day I’m booked the weather goes far below what I would call fishable.  Hopefully this will be the end of this mess, and the air and water temps will rebound.  When we have been able to roll out we have been able to make a few jaws sore.  These reds were caught on light spin tackle using jerk baits.  Frank White and his fishing partner enjoyed a cool day on the water,  nothing warms you faster than catching some nice reds.  As the water warms we will start to see other fish moving into the area as well.  I am so looking forward to fishing in a pair of shorts soon, maybe even flip flops !!

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This is a different angle of same fish below, cool to see how the sun hits the tail and highlights the blue in the tail

DSC_0132jam3 jam5Mr Jame Pressley gave me a call on Tue. wanting to know if we could go chase some critters around.  We had some clouds and a bit of wind, but that didn’t seem to bother the fish nor James.  I always get excited when James comes to town,  we catch fish !  It’s so nice to tell your the man on the bow, fish 10’o clock  40 feet, and pow the cast is there and the fish is on.   James can also play catch with reds and his lure.  We had some reds popping lil mullet along the oysters, so James launches a perfect cast and the red caught the lure just as it hit the water if not a half a second before. Classic !