fly Fishing Savannah, fly fishing Hilton Head, and Beaufort

Where ever you are in Georgia and South Carolina,  I can meet you there and fish.  Fishing the area for 20 years now has giving

fly fishing hilton head
Wallace with a good one

fly fishing hilton head

Fly fishing hilton head,  hilton head fly fishing.  After such a fun summer of fishing it feels as if it went into winter in the blink of an eye.  Drizzle and 25 mph winds have been on call for 2 days.  Let us hope this is not a precursor to the winter ahead.  Before the big blow Wallace Westfelt came down and did a bit of fishing in the area.  We had our ups and downs,  Had to look hard for some fish but when we found them Wallace was sure to put the fly there and get the eat.  We found a school that acted like the reds did 20 years ago.  They wouldn’t spook.  The school kept swimming around the hooked fish and pippin baits around the boat.

me the opportunity to find countless schools of reds throughout the South Carolina and Georgia.