Fishing Savannah

cal and I awards

Cal Collier and I won 2013 Redbone Fly Fishing Division


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Good Lord the fishing is blowing up !  Bob Sewell and pal Bob cam down to hit the flats and have a good time.  We had our ups and downs with clouds, winds and a few tough fish but all in all caught some good’ns up to 35 lbs !  The trout bite is insane right now, using doa’s and top water is getting the job done proper. Had some dip shit at the ramp again yesterday say we limited out at our spot two days in a row and no bites there on Saturday.  I swear if I had a dollar for every time someone says that I would be a rich man.  I just don’t get this mentality ,  do they think that “their” spot has a endless supply of red fish in it ? Hope the weather continues as is, tends to make things a bit easier on us guides and clients.

Fishing Savannah

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Scott Dempsey and His buddy Carlton headed out with me for some fun on the water.  We had some windows of opportunity at times and at others things were a bit tougher.  All in all it was a good day and we caught fish and had some fun doing it.  Ttail 1tail 2 ot 2013



Trout bite is full on now, with some fun topwater action using top dog jr’s, doa’s are busting some nice ones as well.  Some area are holding great numbers of fish others not so much.  That being said if you find yourself in a vacant area keep moving you will find that eventually