Winter Fun !!

Beaufort fly fishing SCfly fishing beaufort scfly fishing for red fish georgiafly fishing beaufort scfly fishing for red fish    Jim Richards ad partner in crime Charlie headed down for a couple of days of shallow water fishing one good day one tough day.  First day the winds were 15 plus northwest and tough.  The fish were not happy but we managed the day and had fun.  Day 2 was a different story.  15 reds to the boat, 2 others broke off and a few misses !!  That’s a comeback from the day before !  Good times for sure.   Remember to keep up with the state reps in the next week and let them know how you feel  A major shout out goes to all the folks from out of state who have been writing articles and contacting our reps.  Thanks guys.  Let’s hope it’s not all in vain.

WOW !!!

Paul with a pig


baa baaaaaagoogle reds  Now this is no Bullshit !  Keep the pressure up on the reps go to and fill out the form again and again if bored.   And remember  No More Russos Fish Market.  No one who fish’s this coast and enjoys it should ever step foot in that establishment !!   BOYCOTT RUSSOS !!   Peaches are you kidding me ?