Fishing Savannah Hilton Head and Beaufort, Fly and Light Tackle

fish fish2 Fishing Savannah      I am sooooo behind with Pictures!  We have been chasing plenty of fish around and with the nice temps they have been very happy to accept our offerings.  Not to say everyday has been a piece of cake, but once we have  found fish they have eaten well.   I have been on some flats that the fish are Belly Crawling.  something I see more in the warmer months not typically in Jan.   The trout bite continues from the ocean area to the up river area, some days locating them can be tougher than others but once you do find them they are certainly ready to eat.   I will get back at putting some more pics up, I have plenty on the camera.  I been so slack.  Good luck Fishing and tight lines

Fishing Savannah Ga., Hilton Head, And Beaufort S.C. Fly and Light Tackle

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This winter is turning out to be  fintastic,  the mild weather patterns have had the fish in full feed mode !  John Kennedy and his son had so much fun the other day they had to go out again, with the same results. fun fishing!  Scott Dempsey and his buddy Carlton had some fun on the water as well chasing some critters in the shallows.  This is not to say there are not some tough days,  yesterday the wind was a blowin a good’n so it was time to tuck up in some creeks, we found some trout, but the bite was a bit slow.   Hope fully we will continue on this global warming pattern, it sure makes the fishing more fun.


Fishing Savannah

Fly Fishing for red fish Ga.

fly fishing for red fish