Hilton Head, Savannah Fly and Light Tackle

Wow!  did we  have some nice weather for sight casting  reds yesterday.  The low tide yesterday provided us with some beautiful tailing fishing.  This time of year the reds are trying to dig up the last bit of shrimp that is hanging around the flats,  it’s fun to watch them dig around clumps of grass or blow water into a hole and move shrimp out.  There were some groups of fish that I don’t know if  I would have casted, it just seemed like they were having to much fun with warm sun and light winds.  Jason’s 299 Burns first trip proved to be a good one catching 4 nice reds and losing one or two

Jason with a biggun


Fly and Light tackle fishing in Savannah, Hilton Head and the entire coast of Georgia

oh those Hardy rods are so nice!

Brandon O. and his son Austin had a great day today !! nailing 15 reds on fly all sight casted to.  I’ve been on a bit of a roll 20 reds on fly the day before yesterday, followed by 15 today.  We found some really cool setups today with some nice singles and schools cruising in some pretty shallow water.  The past 2 days were like bone fishing but in much cooler weather, thanksgiving was very giving for those on the boat with me this weekend.