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September has been one hell of a month!!  Catching tarpon reds bull reds and some big trout.   The weather has been perfect  and the winds  have not been out of control.  This make me, my, customers, and the fish very happy.  I think Sept. has to be one of my Favorites months to fish,  Tarpon are still here bull reds are on the beach and you have so many spring tides for chasing tailers in the grass.  what else can a man ask for?

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Great Tailn tides for the past week and many more to come.  One thing I love to do as guide that seems to no longer be the norm, is go looking for new spots and try and stay away from the beat up fish that everyone and their dog knows about.  I almost feel sorry for some folks who are paying good money to catch some reds on fly and the guide has them at the same spot he has been at for the past year, as well as every other fisherman.  Usually if the fish are not going to eat your offerings they have been beat to fargin death.  Most of the time if a red dosn’t know you around he will stomp on almost any fly pattern offered.  Many times I talk to folks who had hired a guide and they will tell me they saw fish but couldn’t get them to eat. At that point I’ll ask them did ya leave that school immediately and no is usually the answer.  Why not?  if they are not eating they have been beat down most of the time.  It seems as though many in my profession have given up the exploration part of their jobs and just keep returning to the same old spot day after day after day.  Is this due to gas prices?  Or laziness?  I’m done ranting.  This month has had some great tailing action and many more tailing tides are in the on the way for the remainder of the month.  I know where I’ll be, shallow and in the marsh.  Tarpon are still around I just haven’t had the weather I would prefer for looking and with the tide sending so many reds tailing in the grass it’s hard not to go with Mr. Red fish.