Hilton Head, Savannah, Beaufort Fly and Spin Fishing charters

The mild winter and great fishing continues, until yesterday.  We have been busting some serious butt all winter on the reds and the winds came up and up yesterday and made for less than perfect conditions. The fish are beginning to change a bit from the winter time eat anything you throw at them attitude.  With boats working the schools all winter spring can get a bit tougher with the fish becoming a bit more educated.  We should start seeing the cobia and triple tail soon, and this should be an early season with water temps climbing.  I always welcome the spring and the migratory fish that make their way in, after nothing but reds all winter it’s a nice change of pace to throw at a 20lbs or bigger cobia or a nice triple tail floating along the surface. Can’t wait!    And remember if your wanting to go Fly fishing in the area make sure your guide at least has a flats boat.

Hilton Head, Savannah, Beaufort, Fly Fishing and Spin fishing Charters

January was full of high sun and light winds, Feb. No sun and winds.  The one thing in common though was the fish.  Still have some nice schools of fish chewing on the flats, and recently there has been some good trout action going on.  Most of the trout action has been in the sounds and from what I understand rather plentiful.  Water temps are heading back up and it shouldn’t be long for cobia and tripletail to show themselves.And remember don’t fall into a bait chunkers boat,  this if sight casting at it’s finest!!  Fly or Spin.  To many guides advertising fly fishing ,only to have ya blind casting all day or eventually getting the gulps out.