Happy Thanksgiving

The Pre thanksgiving fishing may have had some of the best conditions of the year! Light and Varible winds made the fish somewhat happy. although it didn’t make them easier to catch though. When conditions get to perfect, you can see the fish great, but in turn the see and feel you better as well. This makes for great fishing, good communication between poler and angler, and quick on the money cast will bring the results. In conditions like this ya want to slow your approach as well. Ben Estes headed on down for a couple of days with the first day providing the best action, day to brought some big south winds and tougher conditions.

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Cane Patch redWow what weather we have been having! With temps in the  upper 70’s and light winds the reds have been pretty darn happy.  CAne Patch has been good lately with some nice schools milling around and popping baits. Brandon and his son Austin headed out with me the other day and what was a perfect day started a bit slow so we bounced around a bit and found a great school of fish tailing at the low tide and chasing lil shrimps up and down the flat.  I have only gone striper fishing one day and it was not what I expected, Blanked.  Some friends of mine went the day before and crushed them.  Should have been there yesterday.  On another note Remember CCA Georgia is on the wrong page when it come to conservation, the last episode that happened with the CCA President killing way to many fish was the last straw!  Not to say CCA has not done good things in other states, but in Georgia they have sucked for the last 20 years I have been here, and continue to suck when it comes to conservation minded issues.