Hilton Head, Savannah, Fly fishing

It’s ON !!  Reds are tailing at low and high tide and ready to jump on flies.  Cobia are in in good numbers, with plenty being caught on fly.   I have to admit we have had some shots but everytime I go seems the conditions have been a bit tough.  The triple tail are showing themselves and Last night while hanging on the beach saw some nice spanish mackeral flying through some bait.  With water temps continuing to rise the tarpon will be here soon!!  Get the 11 and 12 wts ready for some major fun.  Salt Life stickers are not cool!  If you have one you should burn it Immediately!  Also remember when hiring as guide make sure he has the proper boat,  big bay boats are not the key for shallow water fishing. He may have ya trying to catch Gar.

Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort FlyFishing

Seems as though the weather is settling a bit.  We are actually getting some light wind days in between fronts.  The reds are waking up a bit, but are still very spooky in some areas and completely stupid in others.  The triple tail are showing around triple tail city, when the beach fronts settle I will hopefully get some nice shots of caught fish.  It will be nice to fish for something different.  Cobia are beginning to show as well, and it shouldn’t to much longer for the poons!!!!