Hilton Head Fly Fishing

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Weeee! Tails

After a few tough days of fly fishing the past 2 days have really come together.  The low tides have been tough some days due to the wind, but is spring.  The high Tide on the other hand has started to pay off big time.  We have seen some Bull reds in some very shallow water.  Only getting a shot at one fish around 25lbs the wind came up and that was all done.  But they are there and now I can start planning some trips around them.  I have been guiding full time now for 12 years and today may have been one of the most fun days I can remember fishing for reds.  After having such a cold winter nothing says spring better than fish tailing in the grass. ( I thought it would never come)  I am still getting good reports on stripers although they have beaten more than I have beaten them.  There have been some fish in the back river and around Port Wentworth.  Havn’t heard to much on the trout but I would suspect it may be slow again till fall.  I saw plenty of dead trout again this winter, so try and release the big females and maybe we can get them back in the mix, and in numbers.    IF THIS PAGE COMES UP PLEASE CLICK HOME

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March has had it’s ups and downs.  The wind has been playing a big factor in the sight casting for reds.  When you can find a good lee the fish are acting nice.  We have been fishing some nice schools of reds with no boat traffic at all, and that’s always a plus. Triple tail and cobia should be arriving soon so keep your eyes peeled.