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Well we have been having some great days on the water, but I have to be honest we have had some very tough days as well.  If the wind is right seems as though the fish are happy and willing, but all that can change when it starts cranking around 20mph.  I was at the Atlanta fishing show and had a conversation with some folks that hired a local guide with a big bay boat to go fly fishing.  The same old story, he couldn’t put them on reds and ended up fly fishing for gar.  Then the bait came out for some shark fishing.  This story is all to common with this guide.  I have heard it way more than 1 occasion.  Make sure if you hire a guide to pursue reds on fly the guide  has a up to date shallow water skiff.  The game has changed and reds are becoming very educated and stealth approach is necessary for fly fishing.  Large bay boats do not provide this at all.  I have not had the chance to go but the striper reports have been good with plenty of fish being caught.  When the tides come back down we should be seeing some real good striper action.  I will be in Central America for the next week surfing.  If you want to book a trip please send an e-mail to  If I can find computers I will respond if I don’t I will contact you at the end of the week.


Now that I have my computer back up and  running I can keep up some post.  This winter has been one for the ages.  The nice thing about having so much weather is that on the nice days the fish are ever so happy!!  This being said we have still been busting around a dozen fish a day on fly.  I have gone striper fishing and have had no luck.  If we get a good week of decent weather this will bring the bait higher in the water column making them much easier to find.  On another note,  With the closure of the black sea bass this month, we can only assume this will put more pressure on our inshore fishery. Let’s hope for comprehensive fishery management plans so all anglers can enjoy a great fishery.