Hilton Head Fly Fishing Charters

Fishing has been good despite the extreme low temps.  If the sun is out the fish have been more than willing to jump on any offer that is presented properly.  Tommy Webster on Saturday had about 15 fish day on fly and Andy Bowen and friends had a 20 fish day between 2 boats.  Had Ben Austin on Board with the guys from Cohutta fish co. to put some of the new Hardy rods thru some abuse.  The rods faired much better than the fish.  I have to say these Hardy Rods and reels are the shit!!  The rods are smooth during the casting stroke and light in the hand, the reels have the best drag in the business.      On another note if your coming to the area to fish I would highly recommend hiring a local guide.  I have had a couple of customers who had a certain guide come up here and fish them and had bad days.  Said guide had been taking folks to flats that doon’t hold fish anymore.   Money dosn’t grow on tree so make the most of your trip by hiring someone who fihes the area on a regular basis. 


Brent Watts
Will Abbot and his lil friend
Bite it !
Will really loves red fish
what ya lookin at?

Dang it’s cold

Will, Brent Watts and myself decided to chase some chilly weather reds and were not disappointed.  Every Time I get the chance to fish with Will I always know a good times are going to be had.  We decided to head out to Wassaw sound and see how many reds made t through the fall onslaught.  First couple of places didn’t show much but we did manage to find a nice school of res in clear water that were excited to see us.  Havn’t heard much on the stripers, I will go as soon as the tides come back down.  With high water and plenty of fresh water coming down river  the clarity has not been to good.  Hopefully these conditions will subside and  provide us with some good striper action.  Still getting more reports of dead trout from the cold, 2 winters in a row now.  With the trout declining this will only put more pressure on our reds.  Food for tought.  With the trout, yellowtail and pinfish dying off in the cold there are not a s many predators on juvenile reds. This is what may have made a the increase in the reds we saw last fall.  Now what do we do if we start having mild winters again and the predators are back in full swing?  will this show a decrease in reds?