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Deep Winter, Crushing Them!

Posted by on December 20, 2010 at 07:46 am

We are in a deep winter pattern early this year, but the fish are eager to eat.   Double digit days o reds on Fly are very common these days. Will Abbot and Tommy Webster both had rediculous days on fly and plug outfits. I like to keep track of some of my best days guiding and out of my top five Will Abbott has been involved in 3 of those days.  He was there for a 5 tarpon day on fly!(in Georgia)  6 or 7seven bull red day on fly and this day where he caught 10 or 12 reds on fly and 20 plus stripers.  Starting temps were around 22 degrees and warmed to a balmy 39 maybe?  Seems as though the reds the last week have been really stacking p on the flats, some schools yesterday may have been up to 300 fish strong and for the most part in one spot!  What a sight!!!  The striper bite is good, and may be one of the better seasons for the past few years. Some of the fish we were catching had large numbers of shrimp hanging out out of their moths and gills, and were still wanting more to eat.  These fish were fat and healthy looking.


Posted by on December 14, 2010 at 07:06 am

Man winter is on our ass in some kinda way! The fish are there and hungry but with bone chilling temps and winds at times gusting to 40mph this week it hasn’t given us the chance to exercise the critters.  Eric Haye and I ade it the last fishable day and managed 6 reds with the largest being around 30 inches or so.  We had wind and rain till late.  We found a nice lee and began chsing nice schools of reds around the flats.  I even tried to do some striper fishing but that only lasted around an hour.  The river stages were on the rise and with the outgoing tide there was way to much water on the move and mud.   After this shot of cold there is going to be some serious good fishing wed thur fri, with light winds and a  warming trend should put the fish and myself in a better mood.  Still hearing some good reports coming from the cane patch area, nice schools are being chased in all sections.

Eric Haye

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