What a Fall

The beautiful weather just keeps comming. This has been the nicest weather I can remember weather wise and the fish have been responding.  With winter upon us I’ll post pics of spotty action, due to the large amout of pics I take of reds in the winter.   With winter only just beginning Im already looking forward to Tarpon season.  I believe this bad boy has eaten me up after last summer.  Plenty of poons taken on fly .

Terry "what a day"

Remember Bait is for Fat kids, CCA Georgia is a joke, and Clouds Suck.

Fun Day

Paul Rankin

I have been slack about posting pics, but I finally remembered to bring my camera today and boy am I glad.  Paul Rankin an I headed to mamby pamby land for a great afternoon of fishing.  The best thing about this place is no bait fisherman, and ya know what that means?  Lots of fish!!  I hate bait fisherman.  Paul managed 8 or so fish and even let me catch a couple.  Fishing has been good if ya can get away from all the cork slinging going on out there.  The trout are showing up good as well. Next week I’m making a plan to go looking for stripers and we’ll see what happens.