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Been so busy busting tarpon on the fly I haven’t spent to much time on the reds, but with the ocean lighting up from hurricane Danielle it’s back inshore. Steve L and I started off with clods and light winds and some nice shots at triple tail, had one hooked up on fly and he came unbuttoned.  Same thing with a nice red, Checked the hook, looked good.  Just bad luck I suppose.  After the wind picked up we began to struggle a bit.  Having a few shots but not hooking up we decided to head to a top secret location.  Holly!@#$  the fish were running up and down the bank busting baits!!  We managed 5 fish out of the flat and had a blast watching.  At one point we had groups of 5 to 10 fish all the way down the flat with their backs out of the water.  Skinny water fishing at it’s finest

Fly Fishing Tybee Island

Yesterday headed out for some poon action, and what looked to be a tough day tunred out o k. Did a bit mor looking but when we found them I would say we found a shit can of them. At one point it was like being in the middle of 100lbs spanish mackeral, fish were flying everywhere. My guy jumped one fish around 100lbs. The fish ran right at the boat and under than back out and jumped 10ft off the bow. We had a second fish eat, but he ran right at the boat again and we couldn’t stay tight. Yesterday made for 11 tarpon jumped all on fly for the month of August.