Sometimes nature can really humble you.  I had just told my customer we wouldn’t need bug juice due to the wind that was blowing around twenty.  A little shower came thru, the wind dies and the bugs found us!! After splashing some juice on us we were back at it.  The tails were up and splasing,  Let the games begin!  Tailing reds can be tough especially when ya have a big tide pushing a ton of current.  This keeps the fish moving  bit more, as if they weren’t ereatic enough.  We did manage one nice 32 inch fish and had another eat that we missed,and no shortage of shots.


As the title states there are some real clowns on the water, even guides. Case in point Kieth Gladin luv n it fishing charters. In a narrow flat he come in on plane 20 yards off my side blowing all fish around my boat,  he idles to his spot he wants to fish but blows by were I’m fishing. Not 30 mins later he comes and dose the same shit again.  He then gets himself stuck in the area and would looked like to be a slow day.  After he blew the flat to hell it was slow for me as well.  A little common courtesy goes a long way. I would beware of this clown.!!