We have been doing good on reds one day and have tougher day the next, just depends on the day of the week and the tides.  Fri and Sat seem to be the tough days  with all the boats running around.   With spring on it’s way other species besides reds are on the way that make great fly fishing targets.  Triple tail will be gathering in St Simons in huge numbers for their spawn, and this scene dosn’t matter about the boats.  An angler can expect  a ton of shots at fish, and these guys are great sport for fly and spin.  Some fish can weigh in at 15-20 pounds but most are in the 3-10lbs range.  These guys give you everything , sight cast, they jump, and can require pin point casting at times. Anyone interested give me a call I will be making the drive a good bit.  I don’t know how many more pics of reds I can take, so I may just do a fihing report. Some trout are being caught and I still say our striper fishery sucks!, Thanks Corps of Engineers!

Fly Fishing Hilton Head Savannah and Beyond

The weather has bee somewhat stable allowing for some good fishing on the flats. When setting up a tripwith a guide make sure you can get the better part of the tide for sight casting reds.   The reds have not started tailing in the grass real well yet, but that will hange soon.  Some flats may have some tails on the big tides but the flats I have poled have not done their thing.  Still no good news on the striper sid of things just a few being caught here and there.  Low Tide at Cane Patch(behind Ossabaw) is still producing good numbers of fish at low tide.  Ready for some runs down to St. Simons area for the spring time triple tail run,  should be soon if the water can bounce up.  If you like to sight cast triple tail are a kick, and maybe one of my favorate fish to go for on the fly and spin.