Febuary Fun

We have been busting ome nice fishy’s ass. there have been some nice breaks in the weather to get out and sight cast  reds. The water last week was as clear as you could imagine in the Cane Patch area with very large schols of reds ready to eat a fly. I have also seen a few more dead trout on the flats and 2 sheepshead floating. This is going to be the yeart to practice catch and release a smuch as possible. There are concerns of what this cold weather will do to the redfish fry that were spawned last fall. Let’s hope they are fine and we continue to see and increase in the number of reds out therepunta

Having some fun

sean2sean stSean Gill and I decided we need to do something other than reds, so stripers it was.  Not that we have to many choices in Feb.  We had a nice day catching 5 fish in a couple of hours.  After so many nasty days it was nice to feel the warm sun and light winds.  The striper bite should only improve as more bait start to show up and the weather improves.