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Sometimes clouds are good

Posted by on June 26, 2009 at 20:38 pm

 The early morning cloud cover seems to keep the fish a bit more on the active side the past couple of days.  We’ve been having some good times withe reds on these huge tides as well, the key is getting on the fish early before the water gets  to deep.  I was hiking into a fishing hole the other day and came across a bunch of deer,  had to take the time to get a couple of shots of them feeding in the early morning before the heat of the summer sun.   The trout bite has been good! Staying close to the ocean seems to be the key for some of the larger trout, When you can find pogies and mullet on the beach front, this  is always worth tossing some goodies in the water, trout , reds , jacks may be your prize.  Fly Fishing Georgia for over 15 years

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